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Hello everyone!

I have officially switch my shop website from Wix to Pattern. All of my sales are on Etsy so it only made sense to have a website with Etsy. I have not had a sale via Wix in months while I get a sale from Etsy every other day. So, there is no reason to have my wix store open.

This will save me ALOT of money. I was paying $29 a month for the past 3 years (give or take) and it will now be $15 a month and will be taken out my earning instead of my bank account. I will still use some of wix's free features until I no longer need a portfolio for my work.

If you want to continue to shop with me, please to go or My shop tab will also direct to the site.

I can't believe that is been 3 years since I launched this store. It that grown much more than I had anticipated. Thank you for all those that continue to support me through this journey. #anniversary #smallbusiness #blackownedbusiness

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I created some Kitana War fans last year for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019. I made them out of plexiglass and used a wood burner to carve them. It took about 3 or so days to finish it but I did it! I created a video and uploaded it to youtube so other people can see how I did it and try for themselves.

Since then, my video has gotten some views which is great! But, I noticed that the link was broken for the template I used (compliments of CraftStation). Luckily, I downloaded it and have saved it on my computer all this time. If anyone want it download it below!

Download PDF • 35KB
Download PDF • 35KB

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