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Headshot of Ekeoma Nwakanma
Tropical Background


Ekeoma Nwakanma grew up in Austell, Georgia in an international household where education attainment was priority. Ekeoma went to the University of West Georgia and obtained a dual degree in Political Science and Economics, a minor in Theater and dual concentrations in Pre-Law and International Business in 2014, and obtained her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Georgia in 2017. Throughout her education, she continued to pursue her acting and singing dreams by continuing to perform in plays, competitions, and films. She was signed to Denise Carol Models in 2017 and Known Management in 2020. Ekeoma has made numerous appearances in a number of films including Step Up: High water, BET Tales, and Insatiable. In November 2019, Ekay won second place in the RepYourAct competition, and it landed her in films including Snatched and Forbidden Fruit. Snatched is available to watch on the ON! Channel and Forbidden Fruit Frist Bite and Second Bite are on Tubi.

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Miss Black Creativity

A horrible experience that turned into a black owned business.

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The Story

Photo of pageant sister Queens

Unfortunately, the pageant ended up being a complete scam filled with empty promises, mismanagement of funds, gaslighting, fraud, and lies. I filled a police report, called lawyers, reported it to the news, the whole nine yards. It is a crazy story that has yet to end.

Since then, I changed this page into my business page and used my Miss Black Creativity title as my store name.

Advertisement for Miss Black Creativity store stating New Sale Every Month

On July 12, 2019, I launched my store. A year later it has grown way more than I expected. I started my store to raise money for a pageant that I was in. I already had a website to market my acting career so it was easy to transition into selling. I actually won Miss Black Positivity and best dressed (I made my pageant dress).

Photo of Sister Queens hugging the winner

During this pandemic, we raised over $600 and counting for first responders, Spread awareness of police brutality by petitioning and protesting, all while social distancing and spreading accurate information regarding COVID-19. 

In the future, I hope to continue to grow and advocate for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves. Thank you.

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